Letter to John Bowring, May 5, 1822

<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0"> <teiHeader> <fileDesc> <titleStmt> <!-- The next 6 lines are the title statement.--> <title xml:id="Id_what">Letter to <persName ref="Id_who">John Bowring</persName>,<placeName ref="Id_where"></placeName> <date when-custom="yyyy-mm-dd">1822-05-05</date></title> <author>Maria Edgeworth</author> <editor ref="Id_who"><!--Editor on the Maria Edgeworth Letters Project overseeing the coding of this particular letter: First Name Last Name --> </editor> <sponsor><orgName>Maria Edgeworth Letters Project</orgName></sponsor> <sponsor>Wake Forest University, University of Tennessee, Xavier University of Louisiana</sponsor> <principal>Jessica Richard, Hilary Havens, Robin Runia</principal> <respStmt> <resp>Transcription and coding by</resp> <persName ref="Id_who">Robin Runia </persName> <!-- List all transcribers or coders here, editors and students alike, <persName> by <persName>.--> <persName ref="Id_who"><!--name here--></persName><!-- If you're the last person interacting with the file, enter your name last on the list --> </respStmt> </titleStmt> <editionStmt> <edition><!-- First digital edition in TEI, date --><date when-custom="yyyy-mm-dd">2019-11-20</date>.</edition> <respStmt><resp>Photo credit: </resp><orgName ref= "Id_who">New York Public Library</orgName></respStmt> <respStmt><resp> NewYorkPublicLibrary_Edgeworth_PforzMS1822_001.jpg, NewYorkPublicLibrary_Edgeworth_PforzMS1822_002.jpg, NewYorkPublicLibrary_EdgeworthPforzMNS1822_003.jpg </resp></respStmt> </editionStmt> <publicationStmt> <authority>Maria Edgeworth Letters Project</authority> <date>2013</date> <availability> <!--Uncomment the appropriate line, based on the archive that holds the physical copy of this letter, and delete the other comment line(s).--> <p><!--Reproduced by courtesy of the <orgName ref="#ReadingCL">Reading Central Library</orgName>.--> <!--or --> <!--Courtesy of <orgName ref="#Rylands">The University of Manchester</orgName>.--> </p> <licence>Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License</licence> </availability> </publicationStmt> <seriesStmt> <title>Maria Edgeworth Letters Project</title> </seriesStmt> <sourceDesc> <msDesc> <!-- This section of the header identifies the original manuscript source. --> <msIdentifier> <repository>New York Public Library</repository> <collection>Pforzheimer Collection</collection> <!-- Change to reflect correct ms. collection. --> <idno>PforrzMS1822</idno> <!--Consult library or WorldCat for this info--> </msIdentifier> <head>Letter from Maria Edgeworth to John Bowring<placeName>8 Holles Street</placeName><date when="1816-08-04">May, 5, 1822</date> </head> <physDesc> </physDesc> </msDesc> </sourceDesc> </fileDesc> <profileDesc> <correspDesc> <correspAction type="sent"> <persName>Maria Edgeworth</persName> </correspAction> <correspAction type="received"> <persName>John Bowring</persName> </correspAction> </correspDesc> </profileDesc> <encodingDesc> <editorialDecl><!--Where Edgeworth uses nonstandard spelling and hyphenation of words, transcriber-coders should use TEI elements “choice," “sic," and “reg" to encode both Edgeworth’s spelling and the regular international standard of Oxford English spelling, following the first listed spelling in the Oxford English Dictionary. --> <p>Edgeworth’s spelling and punctuation are retained in transcription, except where a word is split at the end of a line and the beginning of the next in a manuscript. The long s and ligatured forms are silently emended.</p> </editorialDecl> </encodingDesc> <revisionDesc> <change when-custom="yyyy-mm-dd" who="Id_who"><!--Brief description of what you did here.--></change> </revisionDesc> </teiHeader> <text> <body> <div type="letter"> <opener> <salute><persName>My dear Sir</persName></salute> </opener> <p> <I am extrermely obliged to you for the tickets for the African Institution -- Though it will be impossible for <hi rend="underline">me</hi> to be able to go to Newgate on that day yet I don't wish that <persName>Mrs. Fry</persName> should make any alteration in her arrangments on my account as I shall make some friend of mine very happy by <pb n="2" giving them my tickets.</p> <p>My sisters join me in compliments to <persName>Mrs. Bowring.</persName></p> <p>B</p> </p> <closer> <!--include linebreaksm, if used. example: <closer> Believe me dear Sir<lb/> Your sincerely obliged<lb/> --> <persName>Maria Edgeworth</persName>. </closer> <postscript><p><Holles Street</lb> Sunday Night</p></postscript><!--You can include a <pb/> here, or inside the postScript.--><!-- Format for postscripts. 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