Letter to Charles Babbage, May 22, 1831

1 North Audley Street May 22d 1831 Dear Sir I am both surprised & delighted by what you have done for me -- In the first place your having remembered my little wish in the midst of all your high thoughts - Then your having condescended to employ your most valuable time on a toy for me! -- Your present the more delights me, besides, because accomplishes it all that my father used to say is the perfection of a present & as I used to think an unattainable perfection That it should be something that cannot be had for money -- that is in itself valuable and ingenious -- that has been particularly wished for by the person to whom it is given -- & that is peculiarly appropriate to then general tastes and presents All these conditions are accomplished for who could {2} get for money a toy made by JW. Babbage ? -- and that I have particularly wished for this & could not have obtained it xxxx without you in certain and it is most agreeably appropriate to my pxxxxxxts & tastes -- a national toy & for the dxxxxghted of him who first I believe planned a national toy shop & suggested the principles on which national toys should be made -- Do crown all you have constructed this on one of those very principles the providing for the sight of the inside - of the cause -- which as you say is in the first wish of every rational child to discover as soon as is got a new toy of ingenious construction Thank you besides for giving me this certain means {3} Of delighting many little & large children on my return home -- at which home I hope you will let us see you when next you visit Ireland -- Believe me dear Sir Very truly your obliged And grateful Maria Edgeworth C. Babbage Esqu Dorset Street