Letter to Eichenbald from Ch. Sneyd Edgeworth May 4, 1811

34 Molesworth Street Dublin 4 May 1811 My dear Madam A sudden thought makes me take up my pen to intrude myself upon you, and your reply will tell one whether you consider it as impertient or not- The true test of a good book is its being long remembered by a good judge- without any play upon words I may call Mr. Bushe our Solr. Genl. a good judge of writing & I was delighted to find as I went my first circuit with him, he as Judge, & I as Junior of the Bar, that he had all the material circumstances engraved on his memory of your inimitable tale of “Nature & Art”, & that they had made an indelible impression on his excellent mind & generous heart- My father would object to my seperating the mind & the heart, but I am not convinced that they are the same- but to return to your novel pray let the world have another edition of it- The edition that was pirated here is all sold, & we want another. A copy is not be had in Dublin, & I cannot tell how many are wanted. My sister Beddoes who lives at Malvern Link near Worcester speaks of visiting us this summer, she wishes, & we all wish that you could be induced to accompany her- You should not be shewn as an author- tho’ it would be difficult to keep off those who wish to pay their homage to talent virtuously employed, but we should endeavor to follow your wishes in every aspect- I am now in humble lodgings waiting for xxx, but they don’t come- all in good time- My dear Madam, adieu- your faithful & obliged Char. Sneyd Edgeworth